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Visiting Dubrovnik during the summertime calls for one thing, and one thing only – spending a day relaxing on the beach. Luckily there are plenty of beautiful beaches in and around Dubrovnik for you to enjoy. That’s why we put together a list of some of the most visited and liked beaches by Dubrovnik locals.

Dubrovnik beaches are usually natural and perfect for a relaxing day at the sea. Some of the city’s beaches are popular among the locals because of cafe’s or beach bars near them. And some of the beaches are popular due to being located in somewhat secluded bays and the tranquility they offer. 

Best Beaches in Dubrovnik

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Located just outside the Ploče gate of the Old City walls, Banje beach is one of Dubrovnik’s most popular beaches. It’s a beautiful pebbly beach that will provide you an unforgettable view of the Old Town of Dubrovnik. You can enjoy this fantastic cityscape view while sunbathing or even sipping on a cocktail. Right on the beach is an excellent Mediterranean restaurant that transforms itself into a beachside nightclub. 


St. Jacob beach Dubrovnik

Probably one of the most photographed beaches in Dubrovnik – and for a good reason! Saint Jacob Beach is easily accessible. You will see for yourself that this pebbly beach is a perfect oasis during the hot summer days, and it’s only a 15-minute walk from Dubrovnik Old Town. Green nature, high cliffs, and some of Dubrovnik’s most luxurious villas surround this beautiful beach.


This beach is a place where both locals and tourists come to enjoy their summertime. It’s a great place if you want to combine relaxation and a bit of fun. The beach is located in the part of Dubrovnik called Babin Kuk, which is only a short distance away from the Old Town. If you would like to wind down on a beautiful sandy/pebbly beach and sip on a tasty drink on an ‘it’ location – Copacabana is the beach for you.


Danče is the oldest and probably most authentic beach that Dubrovnik has to offer—conveniently located near the Pile entrance to the Dubrovnik Old Town. This beach is an excellent choice if you want to submerge yourself into the local culture of Dubrovnik. Still this rocky beach is a local favorite due to its authenticity and natural look.


Located in Uvala Lapad, Sunset Beach is a perfect place to spend your summer afternoon enjoying the sun. This beach is surrounded by numerous bars and restaurants and pathways that will lead you to smaller and more secluded beaches. 

Getting to the Beach in Dubrovnik

All of Dubrovnik’s beaches are easily accessible and not far from the city center or each other. And each of the beaches is reachable in 10 to 15 minutes either on foot or by bus from the Pile Gate. If you want to go in your car, it’s important to note that not all beaches have a functional parking space. That’s why we recommend you to park your car a little bit away from the beach. Dubrovnik Daily Parking would be a great choice. Their offer on a Daily parking ticket if affordable and very cost-effective.

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Best Beaches Around Dubrovnik

During your holiday in Dubrovnik, don’t restrict yourself only to visiting beaches around Dubrovnik’s Old Town. There are many seaside villages with the most breath-taking beaches. Just a short car drive away from the city center of Dubrovnik.


Located in the township of Župa, in the Mlini area, beaches are most popular among the vacationers who are spending their vacation in nearby hotels. These rocky and pebbly beaches are an excellent spot for spending time with your family and friends. Mlini beaches are easily accessible by a car, and most importantly, they are connected by walkways. There are even some restaurants and bars for a quick refreshment after your day on the beach.


Located on the beautiful island of Lopud, Šunj beach is easily reachable by a boat from the Dubrovnik Old Town Port. It would be a shame to miss out on visiting it, probably the only sandy beach in the Dubrovnik area. Visiting Šunj beach is an ideal excuse to plan out a short one day trip. If you would like to spend a whole day on the beach relaxing and enjoying the sun, Šunj beach will be ideal.

Dubrovnik Old Port


Located in a small seaside village of Zaton, only 20 minutes away from Dubrovnik, Šitkovica is the most popular beach in Zaton. There are a few pizzerias and restaurants nearby and a parking area. If you want to spend a day in a less crowded environment with your family, Šitkovica is the perfect beach for you.


Located in the Konavle region, Pasjača beach used to be one of the locals’ best-kept secrets, until it recently got named Best Beach in Europe. Surrounded by the gorgeous scenery, the beach offers you a perfect place for your summer relaxation. This beach is only half an hour’s drive from Dubrovnik Old Town. Still the majority of tourists don’t bother making it to Pasjača but trust us, it’s ultimately worth it.


You can visit the Plat beach by bus, car, or even by taking a boat from Dubrovnik Old Town Port. The Plat area of Župa township outside Dubrovnik may be among the most underrated places in the region. The area is bursting with beautiful, natural beaches that are perfect for a peaceful swim. Although it is relatively small, it offers a few restaurants, beach bars, and clubs, as well as the total of five public beaches.

Banje Beach Dubrovnik

Enjoy your Summer in Dubrovnik!

Dubrovnik beaches offer you a great combination of relaxation, beautiful nature, and fun. Be sure to enjoy your summer vacation in Dubrovnik to the fullest, and set aside time for some good old fashioned beach fun.

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