Dubrovnik is well known for being one of the Europes’ top destinations during the summertime. That comes as no surprise, given its breathtaking beaches, crystal blue sea, and pleasant Mediterranean climate. But should you consider visiting Dubrovnik in winter? Absolutely YES! 

You may think that there is not much to do in such a perfect summer location like Dubrovnik during the winter months. But that is definitely not true. Dubrovnik is a city filled with culture, activities, and places worth exploring all year round.

That is why we made a full guide for what to do in Dubrovnik in winter.

Dubrovnik in winter

Weather in Dubrovnik during Winter

Dubrovnik, also known as the Pearl of the Adriatic, is famous for its gorgeous weather. Although it can get very cold during the winter months in Dubrovnik, it is still sunny. Dubrovnik’s winter weather is ideal for taking a stroll around town or in nature while breathing in the fresh, crisp air. Or even better, sitting in front of a cafe in the Old Town with a warm tea or coffee in your hand while observing the local way of living.

Even though the weather is relatively mild and pleasant, a storm or rainfall can occur. The good news is that such weather conditions do not last long, but it is still good to be prepared for a significant downpour or vast gusts of wind. One important thing to note is – Don’t let the sunshine fool you. It may seem like it’s warm outside because of the sun, but in reality, more often than not, it’s super chilly out because of the northern wind called bura. So make sure to check the temperature.

If you decide to visit Dubrovnik in winter, we suggest preparing for all the weather conditions you may encounter. You should pack an umbrella or even better a raincoat, some warm waterproof shoes, and above all many many layers.

Stress-Free Sightseeing

Maybe the most apparent advantage of visiting Dubrovnik in winter is that there aren’t as many crowds. Actually, there are barely any. But that doesn’t mean that nothing is going on in Dubrovnik during winter. All of the touristic attractions are equally, if not more, excited to visit and explore. 

If you decide to visit Dubrovnik in winter, you will have a great time sightseeing the Old Town of Dubrovnik without all the crowds and sweat that summer brings. A must-do walking around the Old Town Walls of Dubrovnik. 

Dubrovnik museums are always a good idea. Suppose you’re visiting in winter, and the weather is not so lovely for strolling around town. In that case, we recommend checking out some of the museums in Dubrovnik.

Dubrovnik city walls

Dubrovnik Winter Festival

Christmas markets are probably the first thing you’ll look up when planning a winter vacation. Dubrovnik Winter Festival and Christmas Market will not disappoint you. The Old Town is beautifully decorated with Christmas trees, twinkling lights, and tasty food on the local stands. If you are in Dubrovnik during December, definitely take some time to visit Dubrovnik Winter Festival. Along with delicious food and a wonderful ambiance, you can enjoy concerts and get familiar with Dubrovnik locals’ holiday traditions.

Dubrovnik Winter Festival

New Year’s Eve Celebration

New Year’s Eve celebrations are always a guarantee of a good time. Traditionally New Year’s Eve in Dubrovnik is celebrated on Stradun, the Old Town of Dubrovnik’s main street. The Celebration includes a concert performance from a prominent Croatian musician or a band. Food and drink stand with the grand finale of stunning fireworks at midnight. The best thing about celebrating New Year’s Eve in Dubrovnik is the weather. Although you will be able to feel the crisp winter air, it’s still comfortable enough to be out and about in the Old Town with a glass of mulled wine or champagne in your hand.

New Year's Eve fireworks

Save Money by Visiting Dubrovnik in Winter

Given that summer is the high season for Dubrovnik, there is no surprise that visiting Dubrovnik in winter will be much cheaper. The prices of accommodation are significantly lower than in summer, so you are guaranteed to save money on the most significant travel cost. Along with that, some restaurants tend to be cheaper because they are not charging the summer markup. 

St. Blase Festivities

St. Blaise is the patron saint of Dubrovnik’s city. The locals celebrate his day on February 3rd, which is also the Dubrovnik city’s official day. UNESCO declared the Festivities of St. Blaise as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2009. 

St. Blase Festivities include a massive procession attended by locals and visitors from around Croatia. During the Celebration, you will see many local traditions, people dressed in folk costumes, performances from local artists, and get to know Dubrovnik’s’ culture up close. If you visit Dubrovnik during this time, you are guaranteed to enjoy an authentic local atmosphere. 

st. blase dubrovnik

Adventure Outside of the Old Town Walls

Not all exciting things you could do in Dubrovnik during winter are within the Old Town. If you visit Dubrovnik by car, it will be super easy for you to get on the road and explore Dubrovnik’s surrounding areas. And we strongly encourage you to do so.

One event outside the Dubrovnik city that is definitely worth visiting is Pelješac Wine Cellar Open Days. This event occurs during the first weekend in December, and it’s only a short drive away from the city. It is a super fun event in which wine cellars from Pelješac open their door to the public, allowing everyone to look and sample their excellent wines.

Visiting Dubrovnik in Winter

Dubrovnik Old Town main street

We can all agree that there is no such thing as a wrong time to visit a city as beautiful as Dubrovnik. But it’s important to note that visiting Dubrovnik in winter offers many advantages and opportunities to get to know the city and local way of living. Do you plan on visiting Dubrovnik on your next winter holiday?

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