Cozy rainy days-in is something everyone wishes for from time to time. But when you visit and explore new cities, getting caught in the rain is not on top of your traveling wishes.

With the autumn already being here, there will be some rainy days. But knowing what to do on your vacation when it’s pouring outside can be a bit challenging. That’s why we put together a little blog about what to do in Dubrovnik on a rainy day.

How to be ready for a rainy day in Dubrovnik

Although Dubrovnik enjoys more than 200 sunny days a year, autumn and winter months can be quite rainy. But worry not! If you get caught in the rain during your visit to Dubrovnik, it is very likely that already the next day, it will be sunny.


If you visit Dubrovnik during autumn and winter, the most essential thing to pack is a raincoat. Yes, a raincoat and not an umbrella. Usually, when it rains in Dubrovnik, an umbrella doesn’t come very helpful in keeping you dry and protected from the rain. Since the rain in Dubrovnik is usually accompanied by the strong wind coming from either south or north. Also, make sure to pack a pair of comfortable waterproof shoes or boots.
And most importantly, pack a lot of clothing pieces for layering. Autumn, and even winter, can be very changeable when it comes to weather in Dubrovnik. So you should come well prepared.

5 Things To Do In Dubrovnik When It’s Raining

A bit of rain doesn’t mean a ruined vacation. Dubrovnik has a lot to offer, and we’re sure you’ll find something you like on our list of things to do in Dubrovnik on a rainy day.

lovrijenac fort, dubrovnik

Visit The Museums Of Dubrovnik

When the weather is nice and sunny, and Dubrovnik is bathed in sunlight, no one’s first thought is ‘Let’s visit a museum!’. That’s why a rainy day is ideal for visiting museums and learning something new about Dubrovnik’s culture and history.

There are plenty of museums to choose from, whether you would like to learn more about Dubrovnik’s culture, nature of history. There is something for everyone.

Embrace The Croatian Coffee Culture

Is there a better pass time than sitting down with a warm cup of coffee while it’s raining outside? We think not, and the majority of Croats would agree. Suppose you have already been to Croatia or read up on Croatian culture. In that case, you must be familiar with the phenomenon of Croatian coffee culture. But if it’s your first time hearing about it, let us explain. For Croats, everything revolves around being able to sit down for a coffee with some friends. And this type of gathering is known to last for hours.

A rainy day will give you a perfect excuse to sit down in one of many local cafes or bars and stay there for a while. Embrace the Croatian way and get yourself comfortable with a cup of coffee. At the same time, you observe the city glistening with raindrops.

coffee culture

Go On An Adventure Outside Of The City

The area around Dubrovnik city has a lot to offer and exploring it is something you should definitely do. Whether it’s sunny or raining. Dubrovnik region is wealthy when it comes to history and culture, so it would be a shame to limit yourself to exploring the Old Town. Especially during a rainy day, when an hour and a half car ride can mean that you avoid rain and enjoy soaking up the sun. It’s not uncommon that the weather conditions vary all around the region, so don’t hesitate to set out for an adventure and visiting some places outside the Dubrovnik Old Town. 

Suppose you don’t mind going on a day trip a bit further away. In that case, you should visit one of the cities in neighboring countries, such as Mostar or Sarajevo, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, or maybe Kotor in Montenegro. 

Take Yourself Out For A Spa Day

Why not take a day off to rest from all the touristic activities, and dedicate some time to self-care. Luckily there are many beauty salons and big spa centers in Dubrovnik for you to choose from. If you want to allow yourself a good spa day, you can choose to go to a spa center in one of the luxury hotels in Dubrovnik. The great thing is you don’t even have to be a guest of the hotel to book a massage or a spa appointment. You can also go to one of Dubrovnik’s independent beauty salons and opt-out for a facial or a simple manicure. That way, you will have a great day for yourself.

dubrovnik bridge
bridge in Dubrovnik with dramatic sky

Go On An Unconventional City Tour

Sightseeing is on top of everyone’s list when visiting a new city. But what if a rainy day messes up your plans? We say, don’t let it. If you came to Dubrovnik with your own car, try an unconventional way of sightseeing and explore the city from the comfort of your own car. It may be an unusual way of exploring the new city you are visiting. Still, you’ll definitely get to see parts of town you would miss on a traditional city tour. And a bit of car sing-along is always a mood booster. 

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