Getting to Dubrovnik by car is easy and affordable. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, relaying on airplane and bus lines became more difficult. And on top of that spending, a lot of time in a closed area with people you may not know can feel very unsafe even if you follow all the safety measurements. For that reason, more people are opting to go on their trips and holiday with their cars.

If you decided to take your next trip to Dubrovnik by car, we put together a helpful guide for you

Getting to Dubrovnik by Car from the Direction of Zagreb

If you are coming to Dubrovnik from Zagreb’s direction, we highly recommend you take the highway. The highway leading up to Dubrovnik is currently under construction, so you will have to exit it in Ploče. The ride time is about five and a half hours, and the highway toll will cost you around 230kn – one way. After you get off the highway, about 100 km of road is left from Ploče to Dubrovnik. This last part of your trip will take you about 1 hour and 45 minutes. 

To reach Dubrovnik from Zagreb’s direction, you will need to cross the border of Bosnia and Herzegovina and pass through Neum town. After around 30km of the highway’s local road, you will get to the border control, so make sure you have all of your documents prepared.

local road

If you don’t mind long journeys, you can also take the so-called ‘old road.’ That way, you will be able to enjoy the view of azure seascapes and scenic landscapes throughout your car ride. Although taking a long way around will mean your car ride from Zagreb to Dubrovnik will last about nine and a half hours, most people say it is worth it.

Exiting the highway earlier than Ploče is also a possibility for you. Suppose you want to get the best of both worlds. You could get off of the highway and get onto the local road in Split. From there on, you can enjoy scenic nature views of the Adriatic coast to Dubrovnik.

Getting to Dubrovnik by Car from the Direction of Osijek

The shortest and most straightforward way to travel to Dubrovnik from the Osijek direction (or Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, etc.) is Bosnia and Herzegovina. You can take the Osijek -Slavonski Brod(or Brcko) – Sarajevo – Mostar – Metkovic – Dubrovnik route or the Sarajevo – Foca – Trebinje – Dubrovnik route. The journey from Osijek to Dubrovnik will take about eight and a half hours. Ensure that, driving through Bosnia and Herzegovina; you follow the traffic rules and speed limits – due to frequent police controls.

Getting to Dubrovnik by Car from the Direction of Montenegro

It’s a comfortable ride arriving in Dubrovnik from Montenegro. Herceg Novi is only around an hour away from Dubrovnik. The Distance between Herceg Novi and Dubrovnik is about 50km. For that reason, many tourists staying in Montenegro go on a day trip to Dubrovnik, or vice versa.

driving to dubrovnik

Arriving in Dubrovnik by Car 

Visiting Dubrovnik with your car is a great decision. It merely makes getting around more quickly, and it opens up more possibilities to visit places in Dubrovnik surrounding areas. There are numerous small towns, villages, and beautiful nature surrounding Dubrovnik, which is most definitely worth your visit. 

Parking in Dubrovnik

One thing that can be challenging, especially during the summer months, is parking in Dubrovnik. If you opted for private accommodation, you might not always have a free parking space when you need it. We would recommend buying a daily parking ticket. That way, you will be worry-free. 

Once you are getting around Dubrovnik with your car, you should be careful to follow the parking rules. Dubrovnik’s car towing service (called spider in Croatian, cro. pauk) toews all of the wrongly parked vehicles. You can only pick up your car after paying a fine. If you can’t find your car even though you remember precisely where you’ve parked it, most certainly, the towing service took care of it.

Dubrovnik Towing Service 

Address: Liechtensteinov put (Gospino polje)

Tel:+385 20 640 135, +385 91-428-8589 

Direct contact with the towing car: +385 91 428-8590 

Working hours: 0-24h

explore dubrovnik

Explore the Dubrovnik Area by Car

Lastly, just set out to explore the Dubrovnik area. Arriving in Dubrovnik with your car allows you to sightsee much more, due to the mobility it provides for you. Dubrovnik suburban areas and villages are filled with beautiful nature, rich in culture, and have excellent traditional food.

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