If you’re planning on visiting Dubrovnik with your personal car, you have probably put some thought into where to park it. And how to get around Dubrovnik with a car. The best option is to buy a Dubrovnik daily parking ticket while going around town. And here are the reasons why!

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Why You Should Buy a Dubrovnik Daily Parking Ticket

It may sound counter intuitive. But if you visit Dubrovnik by your own personal car, we recommend you don’t use it to get around town. A much better solution is just getting a daily parking ticket. And not having to worry about where to park your car, or how to get around for the rest of the day.

Dubrovnik City Parking is a great solution. This Parking’s location is close to the Old Town Of Dubrovnik. Plus there is a bus station right next to the parking.

If you are thinking about going sightseeing around Dubrovnik with your own car, you should be aware of the parking situation around the Old Town. Parking spots just outside of the Dubrovnik Old Town Walls are extremely expensive. And usually you will have a very difficult time finding a free spot – especially during the summer season. This is probably a main reason you should park your car outside of the Old Town. That way you can have a worry free sightseeing day.

Dubrovnik has a good public transport system

Dubrovnik’s bus lines are extremely well organized and drive regularly. Bus connections around the city offer a fast and easy travel to every part of Dubrovnik you would like to visit. 

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How much does a Dubrovnik daily parking ticket cost?

The best price for an all-day parking with 24/7 security cameras in Dubrovnik is 200 kunas.

Buying a Dubrovnik daily parking ticket

Enjoy Dubrovnik Sightseeing care-free. And ensure that you don’t waste your precious vacation time on looking for a place to park. Your car can very quickly go from convenient to annoying. Especially when you realize that sightseeing around Dubrovnik is way easier if you take a bus to the Old Town, or go by foot.

Are you Visiting Dubrovnik by car?

If you are coming to Dubrovnik by car, and need a place to park it, feel free to contact us.

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